Friday, May 25, 2012

Introducing a NEW look for the TPAB!

The Executive Committee of the Twins Plus Association is pleased to unveil to our members today our NEW logo!  This has been many months in the making and finally this weekend we are excited to be showing off our new logo on our t-shirts at Canada's Wonderland!

We have looked at many custom made designs and found this design to be the most fitting.  We thought that hand prints could represent any age children...from newborn to teenagers and we thought that would encompass what our club is really about; the TPAB is not just about babies but also older multiples into adulthood.  When our multiples grow – there are still many challenges faced and we still need the peer support and sometimes even advice!  Also we wanted the design to depict more than just twins as our club has some triplet families as well – so we went with multi coloured hands to depict many children.  Overall we wanted our NEW logo to include all ages and all multiples – we believe we have chosen a GREAT new logo to represent the Twins Plus Association of Brampton!!!
In the near future – you will be able to purchase your own t-shirt if you'd like, details and pricing to follow soon.
Looking forward to seeing many of you over the next few months at some of our summer events and coffee nights
Your Executive Committee
Twins Plus Association of Brampton

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