Monday, April 1, 2013

Bill C-464 Update

Unfortunately the vote in the House of Commons March 27th was NO from the Conservatives, so the private member's bill will not be going any further. Multiple Births Canada will continue to speak up about the needs of multiple-birth families in Canada, and hope that in the future the government will give more consideration to amending the EI regulations to help parents with multiple births or multiple adoptions.

From MBC's Executive Director Kimberley Weatherall: "The vote has been completed for Bill C-464 and for those that are not aware it turned out to be a no vote. It was very close though. A couple of Conservatives stood in support, but not enough. We would like to thank everyone for their support. We are not done, we will continue to make sure people learn about this inequality. With the extra effort of multiple-birth families and their friends in the last few days, weeks and months many more people know about this very important cause. Thank you!"

Here is Multiple Births Canada's press release for March 27th, expressing disappointment that Bill C-464 was defeated, but hoping for future changes to the EI regulations that will help multiple-birth families in Canada.

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