Thursday, June 20, 2013

Upcoming Coffee Night!

This month's coffee night is FRIDAY June 21st!

Where: Caffe Demetre - Bramalea City Centre, 50 Peel Centre Drive, Building M, Unit 110 (outside of BCC, facing Queen and Dixie)
Time: 8 pm and on... until they kick us out at closing! 

Come out for an informal night and talk to other moms of multiples.

Whether you want to escape the craziness at home or need to get support and advice from other MOMs - it is always great conversation!

Open to everybody - even if you are not a TPAB member but have multiples, come out and meet other moms like you!

NEXT MONTH'S COFFEE NIGHT: FRIDAY July 26th @ Caffe Demetre - Bramalea City Centre

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