Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Drop-In Night and a few other things!!

Don't forget to Drop-In Tuesday night in the Community Room at Fortino's (60 Quarry Edge Drive) at Main & Bovaird for our NEW TPAB Drop-In Nights! We will be there from 7:30 – 9:30 pm and look forward to seeing you and meeting new people :)
At our Drop-In Nights - we are able to take care of TPAB business whether it be Membership Renewals, Signups or just asking us what we are all about. EVERYBODY IS WELCOME - you DO NOT HAVE to be a member to join us! 
The last half hour will be dedicated to our Fish Bowl Session – where we will draw questions and/or comments dropped into our Fish Bowl while you are there and discuss them or answer them as a group. Feel free to drop-in for 5 minutes or stay the entire time and you may join us at anytime during the 2 hours ...even if just for the last 10 minutes!
This month at our Drop-In Night – we are accepting all donations for our  two families that we adopted this Christmas as part of our
"Adopt-A-Family" program.  Any donations will be accepted whether it be something from their wish lists, food donations, gift cards, cash or just something you wanted to buy for them for Christmas!  We accept donations wrapped OR unwrapped – whatever works for you
Get out to Fortinos's – get some shopping done and visit us in the Community Room! (Light Refreshments will be served)
The following messages are from Multiple Births Canada....enjoy!
NEW Childcare Survey!

We would like to ask for your assistance in taking the following survey which looks at the extent to which parents of multiples are able to access childcare suitable to their needs. The survey was created and organized by the Twins and Multiple Births Association (Tamba in the UK) and then later adapted to meet Canada's needs for Multiple Births Canada.

While the survey was set to assist Tamba by using the findings to press the UK Government to make changes to better meet the needs of their multiple-birth families, we believe that knowing the results for Canada will not only provide necessary comparisons for Tamba's work, but it will also provide MBC information that may help us in the future for similar circumstances, and in possible literature written in support of our families.

Thank you for your help and if you have any questions or concerns with the survey please feel free to contact me.

Please share the link to the survey with other multiple-birth parents through your own network, social media and through groups that you may belong to. The more feedback we have from across all areas of Canada the better.

Kimberley Weatherall
Executive Director, Multiple Births Canada

Looking for Writers for the next two Multiple Moments Issues!
While we finish off the layout for the Q4-13 issue of Multiple Moments we would like to start collecting articles for the next two issues. The following suggestions for articles for each theme are simply suggestions. If you have a different topic in mind please feel free to run the idea by us.

We are looking for pictures for MM whether you write an article or not to match each of the themes, and if you contribute an article please provide a small bio about you and your family....

Q1-14 –Theme - Living on a Multiple Birth Budget

Deadline: January 19th, 2014

Suggested Topics: Anything related to living on a tight budget for a family with 2, 3, 4 or more children, day to day cost saving tips, travelling on a budget, how to afford all those extra activities that your children would like to do, preparing for college and university, how to afford everything you need times 2, 3 or more, etc.

Q and A for Parents:
1. What have you found to be the most challenging financially since finding out you were expecting multiples and how have you worked through it?
2. What are your best cost saving tips you can share with other families?

Q2-14 – Theme - Best Advice!

Deadline: February 28th, 2014

Suggested Topics: The best advice on anything related to raising multiples - from the way they dress, to school issues, planning birthday parties, parenting skills, developing their individualities, being prepared for bringing home twins, triplets or more, or how to be prepared for dating, driving or all leaving home at one time. You choose the topic or advice that has meant the most to you and you feel could help other multiple-birth families.

Q and A Topics for Parents:
1. What is the best advice you were given about parenting multiples?
2. What is the best advice you would love to pass on to a parent who just found out they are expecting multiples?

If you have any questions – don't be shy! Thank you again to all those who contributed to the last issue - we really appreciate your contributions.

Kimberley Weatherall
Acting MM Editor

Just in time for the holidays if you act quickly!

Please visit Greeper Laces Canada to see the several styles and colours of these "Always Tied" laces that are the choice of Athletes as well as persons with Special Needs or Mobility Restrictions.

To order, visit www.greeper.ca to view and select your laces. When you enter the code MBC in the Notes/Special Instructions window of the Billing form at checkout the MBC will receive a portion of the purchase price.

All orders will be sent promptly with an expected delivery within 7-14 business days after shipping.

Greeper Laces Canada is owned and operated by a parent of twins and an MBC Chapter lifetime member, Mary-Lou Littleproud of Pickering, Ontario.

When you purchase Greeper Laces you are helping Give Independence while Giving Back.

If you have questions about the product please contact the company at
http://www.greeper.ca/contact/ and if you have questions about the fundraiser please contact us at office@multiplebirthscanada.org.
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