Sunday, January 19, 2014

Managing Multiples Prenatal Class (Twins and More Prenatal Class)

The Twins Plus Association of Brampton is offering the Managing Multiples Prenatal Class four times a year! Wether you are having twins, tripets, quadruplets or more - this is the class for you!! With us you will gain the confidence and knowledge you will need to get through the pregnancy and care for all your children after they are home. Being pregnant with multiples can be exciting and scary all at the same time - we have been there! The moms that teach the class are moms of twins and triplets and can help you navigate through the emotions and teach you the skills you need to be parents to multiples.

We stress that our class in not a “Medical” Prenatal Class – although we will be discussing some medical terms and what medical surprises to expect and also what to be on the lookout for in a multiples pregnancy. We will be discussing everything from the pregnancy to after you bring the babies home...

  • pregnancy
  • zygosity (type of twins/multiples – fraternal vs identical)
  • medical conditions to watch out for during the pregnancy (TTTS, IUGR, Mo-Mo Twins)
  • pregnancy nutrition
  • bedrest and possible hospitalization antenatal
  • preterm labour
  • NICU stay and your role in the NICU
  • antenatal and postnatal depresssion
  • preparing for your babies in the home – what to buy, how many of everything you need!?
  • stroller talk
  • older siblings in the home
  • the relationship of the parents and how to take care of it
  • support and resources in the community, from TPAB and from Multiple Births Canada (MBC)
  • breastfeeding multiples or choosing not to
  • and so much more!!

The next Managing Multiples class will be held on Sunday May 25th from 10-4, it will be held in the Community Room at Fortino's at Main and Bovaird in Brampton – the address is 60 Quarry Edge Drive. The fee for the class is $70 per couple and includes a one-year membership with the Twins Plus Association of Brampton and Multiple Births Canada.

In the class - you will be provided with a 100 page take-home bound booklet and a 2-pocket folder jam-packed with all kinds of pregnancy and baby-related flyers, Multiple Births Canada fact-sheets and even some coupons and freebies.
Please email Nina at for a Registration Form. Prior registration is required but is fully refundable if you happen to be put on bed-rest, are hospitalized or go into labour :)
Light refreshments and lunch will be included in the cost of the class.

Serving Brampton, Toronto, Mississuaga, Oakville, Burlington, Vaughan, Etobicoke, Toronto, Caledon and all of the GTA !!


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