Wednesday, May 28, 2014

National Multiple Births Awareness Day 2014!



Happy National Multiple Births Awareness Day everybody!

May 28th is celebrated to commemorate the birth date of the Dionne quintuplets in 1934 – 80 years ago!   The theme this year - "It's a multiple's choice: encourage twins, triplets and more to make individual decisions"  is a thought or phrase that we encourage all caregivers, teachers, social and medical professionals, friends, immediate and extended family to reflect on and implement in the lives of multiple births families.   It also is a reminder to everybody in general to consider how they view and treat multiples, making it possible to allow young multiples to grow into strong, independent adults.  These young multiples are encouraged to make their own decisions in their everyday lives that may be the same or different from their twin, triplet, quad or quint sibling!  In the multiple births community – we stand together in wanting our children to be successful individuals and encourage all our family and friends to reflect on this year's NMBAD theme. 

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