About Us

The Twins Plus Association of Brampton is a not-for-profit support and social group for expectant parents, parents and families of twins, triplets, or multiples living in Brampton, Caledon, Georgetown, Acton, Milton, Bolton, Orangeville and surrounding areas.

The Club was founded in Brampton and area in 1974, based on the local need to provide both parents and the community with support and information about multiple births, be they twins, triplets, or more.  Our members are parents and expectant parents of multiples birth children of all ages who share our experiences as parents with one another.  The Twins Plus Association provides an opportunity to meet with other multiple birth parents in an informal social setting.

The Club strongly encourages all of our members to promote what we know - our lives - and using that rich experience to aid each other in our pursuit of being the best parents that we can be.

Mission Statement
The Mission of the Twins Plus Association of Brampton is to provide moral, emotional and social support and guidance to our members by sharing our mutual experiences as parents of multiple birth children of all ages.
  • PRENATAL CLASSManaging Multiples held four times a year, click on Prenatal Class TAB at the top of this page for more info!
  • REAL LIFE EXPERIENCE & ADVICE from our parents about the NICU, breastfeeding, formula, pumps, strollers and special needs...we have all been there.
  • RESOURCES We are a local chapter of Multiple Births Canada (MBC)with access to national research and resources such as fact sheets on every possible multiples topic.
  • LOCAL SUPPORT Regular meetings and monthly coffee nights to ask questions, share ideas or just chat. Families of multiples know what families of multiples need.
  • SUPPORT NETWORKS Access to support networks through MBC for members in special situations: high-order multiples, single parents, special needs children, breastfeeding, francophone, bereavement, and father support and more!
  • FAMILY SOCIAL EVENTS Apple Picking, Holiday parties, March Break, summer play dates...and much more.
  • SPECIAL PARENT EVENTS Parents’ Night Out, Mom’s Coffee Nights, Chick Flick movie nights.
  • LENDING LIBRARY We have pregnancy books, research and DVDs specific to multiples pregnancies and families - perfect for bed rest!

We also host the semi-annual Kidzz to Kidz SuperSale - this is a great opportunity for families to purge thier closets and sell thier gently-used clothing, toys and equipment AND also for the PUBLIC to shop and find great bargains. Check oout our Sale Facebook Page by clicking on the Kidzz to Kidz SuperSale TAB at the top of this page!

What We Can Offer:
What we can offer you as expectant parents or parents of multiples.
  • To develop parental skills through monthly events, guest speakers and membership in Multiple Births Canada.
  • To enhance our shared situation as parents of multiples through suggestions and experience and to foster friendships and camaraderie through the club and social functions.
  • To provide information and assistance to our members and the community.
  • To provide moral support and fellowship to each other.
  • To open two-way communication channels with each other and with the community concerning the unique situation of parenting multiples as well as furthering research in the area of multiple births.
If you would like to become a member or would like more information - please email Nina at brampton@multiplebirthscanada.org.

Multiple Births Canada
The Twins Plus Association of Brampton is also a chapter of Multiple Births Canada, a national organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for multiple birth families in Canada.

Multiple Births Canada consists of 27 chapter-clubs nation-wide. MBC is active on both the national as well as the international level as a spokesperson on multiple birth issues.

As members of MBC, we have access to a great website with discussion rooms and fact sheets for members, free of charge as well as a discount on publications. They also offer training for many volunteers nationwide. Their web site is www.multiplebirthscanada.org